• Nicole Sherwin

The Science Of Happiness

You could do the Yale course, or get to maximised happiness in much less time by reading this.

It's a science. Source: WIX

This segment is from the podcast episode, 'The Science of Happiness'. Listen belowor where you get your pods:

In 2018, Yale launched a course called The Science of Happiness. It quickly became the most popular course in their 317 year history, with one in four of their own students enrolled in the course. Demand grew so large that the course is now available on Coursera for free.

Of course, external factors are highly influential in our happiness levels. According to the World Happiness Report, unsurprisingly, the happiest countries in the world have stable economies and strong quality of life, whilst the least happy have experienced war and hardship.

The external influence on happiness is also why course enrolments have exploded since March. With 2020 a year more rough than a trip on the Spirit of Tasmania on a choppy day, people are reaching for any resources to resist the soul crushing force of this year. Currently, over two million people worldwide have taken this course alone.