• Jessica Taylor Yates

Moving House Sucks - Tips To Make It A Bit Better

From someone who has lived in roughly 15 of them.

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Ugh, is there anything less fun than moving? Maybbeee jeans or bathers shopping, but you're here for light entertainment, not a horror show checklist. Personally, I've moved maybe 15 or 16 times. As a child of divorce (woe is me!) I lived in about 10 houses before the age of 18, and in my haphazard adult life, I'd add another five or so to the list. So, I've MOVED, y'all! That said, my latest move was the first into a property I had actually purchased. Whilst the below guide may touch on a few tips specifically for that, generally speaking, the below applies for ALL moves. You don't wanna be stuck with dud neighbours with a drip shower with a partner who you may or may not want to kill after moving day (talking about a friend).

Alright. So. Make sure you...

Have it in the contract that your new place will be professionally cleaned

Wtf is all this shit? Source: GiPHY

FFS! This seems to be standard when renting, but for some reason, not when buying. I almost threw a fit when we spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on a house and the bathroom and floors were gross. Try to put it in writing that it needs to be professionally cleaned. Oh, and also - buy yourself a new toilet seat. Like...think about it. But not for too long, obv. Just do it.

Get a conveyancer

You're saying legally I have to do the Macarena for my neighbours weekly? Source: GiPHY

These can be a little pricey (around the 1k-2k mark) but are really worth it. Basically, the conveyancer goes over the property contract and spots any anomalies or red flags. Like, my man friend and I were super keen on a place, turns out all the people who lived on the strata were going to court over titles, who owned which percentage of the backyard, were in fights with each other and with against the big corporations - CBF! Abort ship! This was 1K well spent to get out of this fucking mess.

Check the floors

Possibility vs reality can be a crushing blow... Source: GiPHY

UGH. Wis