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  • Nicole Sherwin

Too Far Obsessions

This week you shared your latest obsessions in the Facebook group and I frothed one in particular, way too hard.

I've gained three followers this week! THRIVING!

I’ve realised recently I have developed a very latent obsession with Twitter. I started using it as out outlet for like every single thought I have, like a digital diary, which it’s kind of perfect for because my thoughts don’t often exceed 280 characters. OMG, literally just recognised that I’m an ‘Over-Sharer’ on Twitter, but lucky for me, I only have 17 followers. Follow me @nikkaloola, y’all. You might also notice that since my biggest fan, me, thinks some of my thoughts are hilarious, I post them on the Large Almond Latte Insta (even when my LAL co-friend Jess tells me they're not funny and I can't.)

This is a high standard to maintain. Source: Punkee

Then, I realised I can also use Twitter to achieve fame. And by fame, I mean featuring in Punkee articles when they re-tell reality TV show eps through the best tweets, which for NZ fans, I guess it’s like ‘Stuff’ if it was written by millennials for millennials. So genius, it’s literally the laziest form of review you can write. It’s copy and paste but nobody is going to kick you out of your uni course for doing it. It happened by accident during the Big Brother launch. Then I had to maintain that standard of wit. So now, every episode of Bachelor in Paradise I am madly tweeting trying to come up with the funniest memes. Naturally, I’ve been delivering, but it is stressful.

So to get you involved with the pod this week, we asked you what you’re obsessed with in our FB group ‘Large Almond Latte.

And in a first, nobody DM’d me anything illegal, which was disappointing. But as usual, you still came through the goods.


Fan obsessions

Molly’s still obsessed with Michelle Williams' 2006 Vera Wang Oscars dress. I feel, I feel. Nyx is frothing Air Crash Investigation. That, I do not understand. But it’s a good 'Would You Rather?', which is my favourite game. Before you fly, would you rather watch Air Crash Investigation or the plane scene from Final Destination?

Meanwhile, fan Kathryn is playing Pokémon Go, still. Apparently, it’s a Mornington Peninsula thing and all the mums are doing it. Interesting.

Madeline is dangerously obsessed with Dua Lipa and I’m totally for that. In the new wave of bubble-gum pop, we’re talking the generation after Queen Tay Tay and Overrated Bey Bey (see episode 8), we’ve got Charli XCX, Ava Max, Camilla Cabello and honestly, I know their names, but for me, they’re about as same-same as peaches and nectarines. 50/50 chance I’ll guess which is which. But I know Dua Lipa, and that is her real name, because of her banging tunes like ‘Don’t Start Now’ but also because she’s literally the only person in the world that can purposefully have two inches of blonde regrowth with slut strands and look banging! But there was one obsession I latched on to and it sent me down an internet black hole…

Source: GIPHY

If you have a small child, chances are you spend 36-38 hours a day with The Wiggles. Even when I’m not with them, I spend a lot of time thinking about them. I think about if they all get paid evenly, even though Emma and Simon do all the heavy lifting. I think about whether they’ve ever replicated the high of the first time they sung ‘Hot Potato’ together and I think about aside from the rude gestures I learnt in primary school, I can also sign Emma’s name now too. So, when fan Nichole admitted her obsession was their personal lives, I took the bait. And there is tea, it’s THE MOST WHOLESOME tea, but still...tea.

My heart EXPLODES. Source:

Let's dive in. In 2013, Emma and Lachie started dating (that’s yellow and purple) and they got married in 2016. And OMG the absolute cutest. But, in 2018 though, out of nowhere basically, they announced they were separating. Devastating. At the same time, Emma had been diagnosed with endometriosis, which is a condition that 1/10 Australian women suffer from and it’s absolutely debilitating. She had to take six weeks off from touring to recover. So side note: the next time someone says they have really bad cramps, it’s not an excuse. But all she wanted to do was get back to her bandmates to prove that there was no bad blood and Lachie was still her best friend. Because they’re both so pure, they genuinely remained best friends. When you watch them on stage, their chemistry is so hot, even now. It’s basically the children’s version of Stevie Nicks and Lindsay Buckingham.

Can you imagine being Lachie at this point? On tour, with women everywhere. His ex-wife is literally the greatest woman in the world and could definitely be his wing woman. But Lachie’s no fuckboi. The Wiggles were on set one day with The Australian Ballet, and Emma’s like ‘OMG that girl would be perfect for Lachie,’...her husband… and guess what? Lachie is now engaged to her. Her name’s Dana and she’s a ballerina.

Emma has also found new love and of course, it wouldn’t be The Wiggles if they didn’t meet on set. Emma is currently dating Oliver Brian, who is a musician for The Wiggles and also has an ‘adult band’ with Blue Wiggle Anthony Field.

I feel you Nichole. I can’t get enough of this wholesome Bold and the Beautiful.

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