• Nicole Sherwin

Too Far Obsessions

This week you shared your latest obsessions in the Facebook group and I frothed one in particular, way too hard.

I've gained three followers this week! THRIVING!

I’ve realised recently I have developed a very latent obsession with Twitter. I started using it as out outlet for like every single thought I have, like a digital diary, which it’s kind of perfect for because my thoughts don’t often exceed 280 characters. OMG, literally just recognised that I’m an ‘Over-Sharer’ on Twitter, but lucky for me, I only have 17 followers. Follow me @nikkaloola, y’all. You might also notice that since my biggest fan, me, thinks some of my thoughts are hilarious, I post them on the Large Almond Latte Insta (even when my LAL co-friend Jess tells me they're not funny and I can't.)

This is a high standard to maintain. Source: Punkee

Then, I realised I can also use Twitter to achieve fame. And by fame, I mean featuring in Punkee articles when they re-tell reality TV show eps through the best tweets, which for NZ fans, I guess it’s like ‘Stuff’ if it was written by millennial