• Jessica Taylor Yates

Top 10 Crime Mysteries To Get Into Cos You Seedy AF

but bonus, aren't TOO depressing

Justice for Adnan! Serial, This American Life

So let's be clear here - just because they're popular, doesn't mean they make the cut if they are too upsetting. So no Making a Murderer, Staircase or The Keepers. Like, the below are intriguing and can be upsetting (I mean, if I included murders and said they weren't upsetting, that would be weird), but not soul-destroying, devastating, or shake you to your core-can't stop-thinking-about-it-crushing. I couldn't sleep after The Keepers! So, here's 10 I was into, this is in no way objective, fine with it. Add in what you reckon we should all be watching, reading and listening to!

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