Top 10 Politicians Who Make Us Thirsty AF

Back in the day, it was boy bands who covered my walls to quench the thirst that in the 90s was simply known as 'a crush'. Posters of Aaron Carter, 5IVE, BSB, these were my spiked-hair-gel-wearing heroes. During iso, the rona, covidlyf, whatever you want to call it, however, a new type of crush has emerged - one on leaders who are able to actually, you know...lead. Whilst no politician or person is perfect (so don't @ me), below is a list of politicians that just seem to get their fans a little hot and heavy...

Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada, 2015-

Thirst trap credentials:

  • I mean...I'm not blind

  • He took a knee for #blacklivesmatter

  • He went to the airport to personally greet new refugees

  • He's LOL

  • Did I mention the pic?

Barack Obama, former POTUS, 2008-2016