• Jessica Taylor Yates

Top 10 Shows of 2020, Part II

Cos you can never watch too much TV, ever!

I wish I was as cool as this. Let me in, I'll be your Ben! Source: Horror Fuel

So, I know I could have done one end of year Top 20 list of the best shows of 2020, but better in two parts, gives you time to watch them all, no? (In case you missed it, The Top Shows of 2019 and Top Shows of 2020 Part I are here, in case you think I missed one, they're totally there). I really loved iso guys. Like, no disrespect, but the plethora of content I've been able to smash while shoving challah with Vegemite and (vegan) butter down should truly inspire. Side note- I used to buy a loaf of challah a week when I lived with my mum and sister. It would obviously disappear straight away, and I had to come to the sad conclusion that considering they are both gluten-free, it was all me - there's no denying that weekly, there was a loaf inside me.

Moving on. May I present, to save your mental anguish of the dreaded Netflix scroll, in no particular order, the Top 10 Shows of 2020, Part II.

*Note: All recommendations are opinion based, and are listed where they are available to watch in Australia.

Everyone else: Normal People (yawn, #sorrynotsorry), Big Brother, AFL, Junior Masterchef. Moi: