Top 10 Shows of 2020, Part I

Iso is weird, right? It started off as an opportunity: Week 1: I'll write more! Eat less! Exercise daily! Clean the bathroom! Week 10: I'll put on deodorant cos someone's coming round. La-de-da! My new 'To Do' list to make me feel accomplished now consists of watching all the shows I've wanted to watch for ages, find new shows, watch those, then recommended shows, watch those - basically, I'm flat. OUT. My husband (hehe, husband - it's still so new and weird...) is working late and keeps apologising, which is great, because 1) I am the good guy who deserves rewards and 2) I get to watch all my stories with no guilt! I mean, for YOU. So, if you're again fighting over what to watch or scrolling endlessly, I present my personalised take on the Top 10 Shows of 2020 so far! Everyone else: Ozark, The Last Dance, Money Heist. Moi:

1. Best Under The Radar: On Becoming A God In Central Florida (SBS)

I can't even remember how I heard about this, but it's such a shame that it hasn't been talked about more. On Becoming A God In Central Florida stars Kirsten Dunst in her trailer trash best, as the deliciously acid-tongued Krystal Stubbs, a wife and mother in the '90s whose husband has succumbed emotionally and financially to a pyramid scheme known as 'FAM'. After his death by a crocodile (!), Krystal vows for revenge and needs to find a way to financially support herself through FAM - while taking them down from the inside. Sometimes funny, sometimes dark. the refreshingly different story-line combined with three-dimensional side characters such as Cody, a FAM devout who falls for Krystal's less-than-desirable-charms; her good-hearted but saddened water park colleague Ernie; and the crazy fanatics who are all just looking to cash in on the elusive American Dream. Watch if you like: Drop Dead Gorgeous, Desperate Housewives, Erin Brockovich