• Jessica Taylor Yates

Top 12 Rom Coms Of All Time

Y'all know this is gonna be 90% Julia Roberts, right?

Hahaha, it me. Source: GiPHY

Well. A while ago, we discussed my 10 Rom-Coms That Get Praise But Actually Suck, and you got FIERY in your responses. That's fair, I'd get savage af if someone started roasting the 11/10 that is Pretty Woman. Taste is subjective, after all. But, after the fierce debate around Muriel's Wedding (for those who didn't read, 1- be a mate, read my stuff cos I'm needy and 2- I hate it and y'all love it) we started talking about the BEST rom-coms. So, I decided to create a list to counter the worst.

Now, only 10 is hard, so I had to lay some ground rules. First up - it has to be a 'romantic comedy'. So, straight up romances, like Ghost or The Bodyguard, whilst obviously 10s, don't make this cut, nor do beautiful self-help movies like Eat, Pray, Love. Similarly, it was hard, but I've cut ones in the Judd-Apatow wheelhouse like Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Wedding Crashers and also First Wives Club and Miss. Congeniality, which are also 10s, but perhaps fit more in the overall 'comedy' genre (this was hard, but let me know if you disagree!) Basically, if you're umming and ahh-ing about whether it's a rom-com or not, or if it could also top an overall 'comedy' list, it doesn't make the cut. Body-switch movies like 17 Again could slide in, as could overall 'teen' movies like Clueless, but we shall give them their own post cos they're sick. And no musicals or romantic dramas, they're all their own genre, k? Basically, if you cruised into a Blockbuster store in '96, what aisle is this video in? We're talking movies that make you laugh and cry, where the budding romance is really the driving storyline. You can watch them over and over and over again, and they have a romantic part that pulls at the heartstrings. They're quotable, relatable, and stand the test of time. I assume everyone will get around me for not including this or that, and I'm ready for your incorrect opinions! In no particular order (well, except for number 1...) the Top 12 rom coms (because I couldn't cut any, it's 12 dammit!) are...