• Jessica Taylor Yates

Top 15 Curses And Conspiracy Theories

Cos this year hasn’t been crazy enough already...

Anyone who knows me knows that I froth a good conspiracy theory, curse, or knowledge of an inside job. I was voted Most Likely To Believe COVID-19 IS Created By The Illuminati. I think it was an insult, but I was weirdly chuffed. Give me whistle-blower movies, conspiracy docos, stories blown wide open, the only thing I probably love indulging in more than a good old-fashioned conspiracy is a cult, which Nikki has covered and is amazing reading. Perhaps it is the Jewess in me who is weary of government, the creative who despises hierarchical control, a sense of curiosity, distrust, silliness, a very large tablespoon of stupidity and hey - they're a barrel of fun. While there are thousands to choose from, this list focuses on those that are well-known, popular, nutso, and with a fun curse or two thrown in for good measure. Are there any I've forgotten? Any you have proof of or believe in? Let me know whether it's a 'definitely, maybe, or a nah' in the comments below - and away to Crazyland, we go!

1. 5G Causes Corona-virus

Much topical. Very now.

Perpetuated by those who wear tinfoil hats and probably use their smartphones and WiFi to share this information, this theory suggests that 5G 'degrades the immune system', helping the spread of corona-virus. According to Business Insider Australia, 5G, which is the 'next generation of mobile broadband' (?), is believed by those who subscribe to this theory to do 'physical damage', and corona-virus is 'fiction' invented to cover this up. I mean...millions of people around the world have gotten corona-virus who don't have any access to 5G but you know...keep it spicy.

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2. September 11 Was An Inside Job

The 9/11 so-called 'Truth Movement' believes that the attacks were masterminded by insiders of the US government as a plot to invade Iraq f