Best Fashion Montages On Film

Is there anything better in a movie than a full-blown fashion montage?

Source: InStyle

A makeover, make under, a series of outfits, it's always my favourite scene cos it's fun, so don't @ me. I think there's just something in feeling like the Head Stylist, deciding for yourself what you believe the character looks great in, voicing it with friends, yay-ing or boo-ing at the result, and of course, wishing you could wear what she's wearing! Note: we're talking montages, not makeovers, so no She's All That vibes, k? Those glasses, and that ponytail. Let's take a look at some that, for better or worse, provide the most fun!

Clueless - Cher's Computer (1995)

It's like, totally buggin'. Source: GiPHY

Okay, name a more iconic fashion scene. I'll wait. Is there a 90's girly girl alive who didn't dream (or still dreams?) of having Cher's amazing computer program that matched and then sourced her outfit for her each day? It was amazing...but seriously- why doesn't this exist yet? Quit tweeting and get on that, Musk.