• Nicole Sherwin

TV Review: Dirty John 2: The Betty Broderick Story

The show that will affirm for you that if your husband wronged you, you would be 100% capable of murder.

Source: USA Network

Everybody who was anybody in their little corner of California, La Jolla knew the Brodericks. They were the 80s version of Instagram Influencers. Like they would be blue tick established for sure. Daniel Broderick with his degrees from medical school and Harvard Law School was a celebrity malpractice lawyer bring in more cash money than anybody needs. Accordingly, their lifestyle was lush and Betty’s days consistent of country club lunches and shuffling their four children around to soccer and music lessons. They were living my dream life. Until one day, Dan hit classic middle-aged white man mid-life crisis mode. He got a red corvette, told Betty he was divorcing her and shacked up with his 21-year-old secretary. So original Dan. What follows is a brutal five year divorce, until Betty is so exhausted and can’t fight anymore. It becomes a landmark case, resonating with jilted women everywhere.

Starring Amanda Peet, who is one of those actors you know from everywhere but can’t pinpoint where, and Christina Slater who you may remember from your eldest cousin's Smash Hit wall posters or Robin Hood, The Betty Broderick Story tells the tale of how a seemingly happy, mentally stable housewife with it all descends to a point where she casually kills her ex-husband and new wife, with no regrets.