TV Review: Say Yes To The Dress America

Randy, bridal gowns, judging people, yay!

Source: Kleinfeld

If you aren't into wedding dresses, prob best to stop reading now. Also, delete me, I don't need that kind of negativity in my life. I bet you also hate movies that are universally loved. If you are into wedding dresses, however- strap in for the ride.

So, can't remember exactly when it was that I became utterly obsessed with the TV phenomenon that is Say Yes To The Dress (syttd). Spreading over 18 seasons and spawning a multitude of spin-offs such as Say Yes...Atlanta (too many 16 y.o brides named Mary-Jo who need 'Daddy's' approval), Say Yes...Australia (too many brides who are normal and reasonable) and Say Yes...Canada (way too nice...where my drama at?), the show focuses mainly on brides trying on wedding dresses ahead of their big day at Kleinfeld Bridal Salon in fabulous New York, New York.

But guys - it's lit.

Yeah, crazy! Good one, bff. Source: TLC

For me with reality TV, something needs to be going on- buying a house, painting a porch, trying on a dress (I didn't say anything huge, just something). None of this just cruising-around-living-my-life-Kardashian-stuff (my co-LAL partner will highly disagree, don't worry, she can provide that content you're craving, see: All Aboard Below Deck for your low-brow reality needs. This is my article). Anyway. This show incorporates so many of my hobbies- doing nothing, fashion, and ju