• Jessica Taylor Yates

TV Review: The Home Edit

The one type of porn all females can agree on: organisation.

Omg, I would totally look at this late at night alone...Source: Food Network.

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So, you know when you need that background show where you can kinda scroll your phone, unload the dishes and paint your toenails but still know what's going on? Well, you're welcome, cos this is it. That said, The Home Edit is more visual than audio (if you need the opposite see, Judge Judy) and has what I will watch in any genre: before and afters.

The Home Edit stars Clea and Joanna, two American women who have been smart enough to turn their skills of being super organised into a dominating business with offices all over the USA servicing the likes of Reese Witherspoon, Khloe Kardashian and Mindy Kaling. I'm not gonna lie - I wish I thought of it. Their methods are simple yet effective, and really comes down to getting other people's shit organised who can't be stuffed doing it, and have the money to pay someone else. It can really be anything in your home - your closet, your pantry, your garage, and Joanna and Clea will come with their interns, categorise your shit and VOILA, new space!

I have to say, watching, I was like, isn't this super easy? What is wrong with people? Like, I can get wanting them to just make it better in a way you hadn't thought of - for example, Khloe Kardashian is super organised, which I froth. But she had reached her limit creatively in her garage, and got the girls to come and work their magic: