• Jessica Taylor Yates

So rude: a guide to not being a garbage human being

Clean up after yourself, ya filthy animal.

Something wrong with your hands buddy? Source: Click Americana

Okay, fine, you say. I'll be the DD this round. Everyone hops in your car with their travellers, you're having a laff, doing the right thing - only to realise the next day that they LEFT ALL THEIR FUCKING BOTTLES ROLLING AROUND IN YOUR CAR. Hell no! So wait - you do a favour, and this is the thanks you get - your car smelling like beer for your Monday morning? Rude. Who are these animals who believe it's fine for other people to pick up your shit? Clean up after yourself. In peoples' car and:

At the cinema

Pick it up. You are trash. Source: GiPHY

So, I would say this is 99% of people. But like...if you were at a friend's house watching a movie, would you just throw your popcorn on the floor and walk out? Yuck. I suppose I come from experience, as cleaning your filth in the cinema was my first teen job, and it wasn't all PG-rated garbage if you catch my drift. Be a human, and take your trash with you, you filthy animal.

In the food court

So you're just gonna...leave that there, then? Who raised you? Source: GiPHY