• Jessica Taylor Yates

We Need To Talk About This Season Of Younger

Namely, wtf is even happening?

**Note: this article includes spoilers about the current episodes available for Season 7 of Younger on Stan**

Okay. We all know we have been hanging out for the final season of Younger more than we have for bars and gyms to reopen. Does Liza say yes to Charles? What's happening with Kelsey and Zane? Are we finally giving Lauren and Maggie some more screen time? But so far, Season 7 has given us more questions than answers. Like...

Where the fuck is Diana?


Always, best friend! Source: GiPHY

First off, we start at the end of Diana's wedding - and alas, Diana is NOWHERE TO BE FOUND FOR THE FIRST FIVE EPISODES OF THIS SEASON. How can this BE?! Apparently, they have said she is on her 'honeymoon', but my research (note: two seconds of Googling) tells me this was due to 'Covid and scheduling difficulties.' Um, wtf? Diana is easily the best character. WAIT. FOR. HER. As Co-Laller Nikki has said, 'Just don’t shoot. If Diana can’t make it, just postpone.' Did they NOT read our article on Shows That Turned Like Spoilt Milk? It always has to do with the best character leaving. This is completely inexcusable and a total injustice on a woman who has brought us giant necklaces and enough one-liners to warrant her own final farewell. Shame!

What was that weird exit with Zane?


We did not approve. Source: GiPHY

Although Zane was never my fav, bidding him adieu on a facetime call seemed a bit of a shallow way to say goodbye, and it was done so quickly! Again, apparently, there were scheduling conflicts (sidebar - what are these other projects starring Diana and Zane? I'm invested) but like...come on, film them in another location, wait a bit, come up with a better excuse than him being 'jealous' of Kelsey. It was lame.

What's with Charles being over Liza so quickly?


Go back to this! Source: GiPHY

So...let's get this straight. For years they've played the will-they-won't-they. He gave up his company. Kept her secret. Fucked up his relationship with his ex and custody agreements. But the minute he proposes at someone else's wedding (do that at my wedding and die, btw), and she&