• Nicole Sherwin

We’ve Discovered the Pinnacle of Activewear

As a self-proclaimed expert in activewear, I can safely say this is the best I’ve come across. And bonus, I can get the matching set for my small bb too!

Real gals in some real good activewear. Source: mamamovement.com.au

As a Melbournian, I’ve been exclusively repping activewear since 2015 (espesh when not being active), so I’d consider myself somewhat of an expert in the field. I’d even suggest an honourary PhD would be appropriate. Safe to say, I know good activewear as soon as I peel it up my legs. And, in maybe the best news story I’ve got for 2020, I’ve hit the activewear jackpot with Melbourne’s very own Mama Movement, created by Faye Tan. Mama Movement only launched this July, so I'm basically a trendsetter too.

The Elite-Tier of Quality and Fit

There’s a fairly standard set of boxes to check when I purchase activewear and these bad boys girls tick all of them.

Bend Over Proof