• Nicole Sherwin

What Makes a Pub a Pub?

If you know, you know.

Source: theurbanlinst.com

This week, we asked the Large Almond Latte community in our Facebook group ‘large almond latte’ ‘What makes a pub a pub?’

Now, I realise that not all of our followers come from Britain or British colonies (where pubs come from), so let me explain what a pub is by definition, yes, I’m going year 10 essay-styles again.

According to the Collins dictionary, a pub is 'a building where people can have drinks, especially alcoholic drinks and talk to their friends. Many pubs also serve food.' For mine, I’m not going anywhere to drink unless I can eat. A pub is not a bar, it’s short for public house, meaning you can’t actually turn people away, but recently we’ve seen the rise of the ‘gastro-pub’ which really blurs the line between pub and bar. Gastropubs are basically places in 'bougie' areas that had OG pubs but saw potential dolla dolla billll$$$ by boug-ing up the place. Smart architecture, millions of rooms, huuuuuge crowds, minimal seating, minimal food, dress codes. Very exhausting for the over 30s who like min effort when drinking outside the house a.k.a me.

So fans, that is why we asked you what makes a pub, a pub? And you are OG. Again, if you didn’t know what a pub was, you’d probably think we all live under a bridge in a cardboard box for actually wanting these kinds of things in an establishment, but as ‘John’ summed up nicely with a pub, “it’s about the ‘charym’- if you know, you know."

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