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What The F*ck Does A Property Manager Do?

Each month, let's investigate a career we might know the title of, but have zero idea how they fill their 9-5. This month, let's find out - what the f*ck does a 'Property Manager' do?

With Alicia Forbes, Property Manager

Who are you and what do you do?

I oversee the department, take care of tenant's maintenance issues, make sure people pay rent. I'm in and out of the office for issues like hot water systems bursting, door handles falling off, leaks in ceilings, routine inspections, appraisals, condition reports, meeting tradies...just a day in the life!

So, like the Property Police. Do you get a badge? 

No Jess. That would be lame. 

All g. Ha...totally... (puts Property Police Pals badge away). So, what are you wearing - in a PG manner (unless you want this to be after 5 chat, I'm open...) 

Semi-casual. Unless it's a post-apocalyptic house inspection in 2020!

Image: GIPHY

Haha, semi-casual, same... (wipes Doritos crumbs off pyjama shirt at 2pm). So, best and worst part of the gig?

Worst, we act as a punching bag a lot. Best, not stuck behind a desk part all day! 



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