• Garrett McNamara

I Was Adopted From Thailand When I Was One. Here Are The Top 10 Questions I Get Asked.

Spoiler alert: my parents are my real parents.

With my parents and sister. Image: Supplied.

My name is Garrett. You may know me from Instagram as a Lifestyle Influencer – I usually talk about clothes, skincare, food and all that fun stuff. But today, I’m going to be talking about something a little different. What you may not know about me is that at one year old, I was adopted from Bangkok, Thailand.

It’s not something I hugely broadcast on my Instagram. Not because I am embarrassed or ashamed in any way, but mostly because I just forget. You see, I have always known I was adopted - being a different ethnicity to your parents makes this pretty obvious. But the main reason is that I actually don’t know any different. It’s kind of like asking someone, “What’s it like going to boarding school?” It’s kind of hard for them to answer if they have always gone to boarding school and didn’t know otherwise.

In case you were wondering, I have been showered with love from my family here in Australia my whole life and have wanted for nothing. However, from the types of questions I get asked when people learn of my adoption, or when they meet my parents for the first time – this isn’t always obvious. So, I thought I’d play myth-busters today and answer some of the most common questions I get asked about being adopted.

Top 10 Questions I Get Asked About Being Adopted

Let's settle this once and for all. Image: Supplied.

1. Are you really adopted?

Um yes, a silly one I know but it is #1…I’m not sure why I would be lying. I know people who feel like their personality is different from their families and might jokingly say, “I swear I’m adopted.” Not joking.

2. Do you know your REAL parents?

Yes. I call them mum and dad. On a serious note, this is a very touchy question for some people and a little insulting, as it carries the undertone that I don’t classify my parents of 22 years my 'real' parents and that my biological parents are my ‘real’ parents. It’s 2021…can we just accept that families can all look different?

3. Did your adoptive parents ever have kids of their own?

Yes… my sister (who is also permanently fostered) and myself. As far as we’re all concerned, we are their kids and they are our parents.