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  • Writer's pictureJessica Taylor Yates and Nicole Sherwin

Why We Can't Write Any More Bachelor Recaps

We hated writing them, more than we hated watching Locky's season.

Dearest loyal fans,

Devastatingly, we won’t be continuing our #1 voted* Bachelor recaps into this season of The Bachelorette, well because, quite simply, we hated writing them.

Being forced to sit through Locky’s season of The Bachelor was akin to the scene in A Clockwork Orange where Alex has his eyes pinned open being forced to watch the screen. It was PAINFUL.

Then, we had the pressure of trying to create an entertaining recap, when each episode was more bland than a loaf of Wonder White. Like The Bachelor producers tasked with creating lavish dates on a budget of zero, we too had to make something out of nothing. It wasn’t a ‘thrive under pressure’ sort of scenario, it was more of a ‘this is something we really don't like doing, so why would we do it?’ So like Juliette, we quit. Only we don’t have TikTok stars and rappers to go hang out with instead.

We grappled with the decision because we really hate disappointing you, but in the end this brand is something we love and we didn't want it tainted by The Bachelor.

We also wanted to communicate this with you instead of leaving you high and dry, because our egos really did appreciate you eyeballs getting around our reviews after each eps.

But we're not going to leave you with total Bachie Blue Balls! We'll be dropping little treats on the 'gram after each ep and will be checking in on Twitter. So make sure you follow us on socials to get your fix!

And of course, we will continue to review and recap shows we actually like watching in writing and on the podcast.

Love, Nicole and Jess


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