• Nicole Sherwin

You Don't Own Me

The social taboo pushback is taking flight. It's time to #liveliberated.

Source: Libra, Youtube

Last week, we spoke on the podcast about social taboos. And ever since, I've been more revved up than your neighbour's 1993 Commodore. So imagine my delight when I noticed a whole national campaign dedicated to the cause on tv.

First, I heard the song ‘You Don’t Own Me,’ which honestly, I’d like to have cued up and ready to go for so many instances in life, like whenever someone tells me I need to smile more. I’ll just be waiting for my coffee outside the café, scrolling the 'gram with my resting face on neutral, when some nice man comes up to me and says, ‘Why don’t you try smiling, sweetheart?’ And I would just look up at him expressionless and, ‘Don’t tell me what to do, and don’t tell me what to say!’ starts playing from my phone. Or I’ll be in the supermarket aisle, trying to pay for my half-price Maltesers while my baby is screaming in her pram when some Karen behind me says, ‘Why don’t you just pick her up?’ I just look at her and the baby stops screaming. ‘Don’t tell me what to do!'

Said ad. Source: Libra.

So, I heard the song, took the bait and un-glazed my eyes to see that yes, the accompanying visuals were equally as compelling. A series of people flipping a theoretical, giant, American Eagle-sized bird to societal taboos. A fit AF woman, looking like fire in a strappy dress checking herself out in a mirror, because society says only men can shred for Stereo. A group of friends out for dumplings, and one openly puts a pad on the Lazy Susan to spin over to her friend, because society expects women to breed, but we should never openly talk about what our bodies go