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Large Almond Latte

The conversations you have at brunch.

what do you even do?

While we like to claim false expertise in many areas of life, this is genuinely where we excel.

Image by Georgina Vigliecca
Watching a Movie
Online Class

on topic rants

We spend our time watching, reading and eating so you can have a life while listening.

We don't discriminate.  We review the worst Hallmark movies you've never heard of, to the best books everyone's got the peepers around. Also, we share stories from you. Have a listen! 

reviews you never asked for

The light and fun side of brunch banter. We cover entertainment, fashion, movies, tv, lifestyle and just general unwarranted opinions on everything.


Whether you're browsing the site for the best things to watch, a ranking of Cannes gowns or want it and more sent to your inbox, we've got the original content to keep you entertained from your couch. 

bants with the people

A big part of Large Almond Latte is YOU, our followers. Our micro fans keep the fun going, answering our weekly queries like 'what did you grow up doing that was weird but you never knew?' to be featured in our podcast, and submit images and info on their careers, pics, events, and more.

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wanna work together?

Yasssss, love that for you!

We can create fully bespoke content for our partner friends.

If you're interested in working or advertising with Large Almond Latte Media, get in touch. Let's grab a latte and chat business.

We're really fun to work with, we promise.


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