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Dear Miss. Maple - the man I'm seeing already expects me to love him...

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Newsletter? Isn't that just like, marketing I delete right away and forget it existed?  Normally fo sho. But this isn't that.

 The LAL Monthly is a community where we are interactive. We talk life news, quizzes,  Top 10 lists, armchair fashion critiques and give you all the goss you need to talk shit about at brunch. Plus, you can contribute!

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testimonials for the lal monthly newsletter

Brilliant Jessitchku! Everyone wishes they could write like you! You should win the MyFace prize!”

My Jewish Mum

I love the newsletter, I look forward to it each month!

A definite, legitimate tweet (by Large Almond Latte)

I haven’t had time to read it, I’m too busy love, leave me alone.

My Husband

Please like me and read my newsletter.



newsletter submissions

Every month, we feature reader contributions for content on:

Cute AF

Got a personal image you reckon is cute AF? Send it with your name and picture details for a chance to be featured in the next LAL Newsletter! 

Dear Miss. Maple

Each month, Miss. Maple answers your questions about life, love, dogs, tv, and everything in between. Need some advice? Ask away - and don’t worry, you can stay anon. If you want to - Miss. Maple never licks and tells.


We love featuring a spotlight on a different job each month. Sick of people wondering wtf you actually do? Submit your job profile here (and don’t worry - you don’t have to put all your work details!)

Got a great story on how you met a partner, friend, colleague or loved one? Let us know your story below for the chance to be featured

How We First Met

Everything you need for the conversations you have at brunch.

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