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the lal monthly newsletter

Newsletter? Isn't that just like, marketing I delete right away and forget it existed?  Normally fo sho. But this isn't that.

 The LAL Monthly is a community where we are interactive. We talk life news, spotlight features, exclusive discounts and lols on the conversations you have at brunch. 

We're not trying to sell anything, but that said, we are totally ready to do that and sell out for ca$h monie$. Enquire within. Like, please. 

 We're on hiatus at the moment, but for when we're back, subscribe to get it straight to your inbox.




testimonials for the lal monthly newsletter

Brilliant Jessitchku! Everyone wishes they could write like you! You should win the MyFace prize!”

My Jewish Mum

I love the newsletter, I look forward to it each month!

A definite, legitimate tweet (by Large Almond Latte)

I haven’t had time to read it, I’m too busy love, leave me alone.

My Husband

Please like me and read my newsletter.


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