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Cos What You Say Matters!

Yay, welcome! We always love new voices and are so excited to see what you’ve got! Before sending in your magnum opus, have a quick read of the below to make sure Large Almond Latte is the place for you:

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lal media submission guidelines


Independent | Unique | Brazen | Millenial | Interesting | Sharp

"The conversations you have at brunch."


The tone of Large Almond Latte (LAL) is easy, fun, interesting and funny. This is a site where people come to escape for easy, interesting reads. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be clever, sassy, informative, serious-ish, emotive or witty, but save War and Peace for another site. Think How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days: “Shoes. Laser therapy, Dressing for your body type. Use your imagination. The sky is the limit.” 


Kidding, you can write about way more than that, (we love anything new!) but you get our drift. We know our lane, and we’re staying in it. If you need any more clarity, why not have a browse through our categories, articles and blog here or our newsletter here so you can get a feel for our tone. 


We are:

fun, funny, light, interesting, inquisitive, informative, opinionated, brazen, Gen Y-focused, original, topical.

We are not:

hard news, religious, preachy, sexist, into cancel culture, nasty, bitchy, discriminatory or negative.


You can:

swear, go on a rant, talk in first person, third person, talk about what you like if it fits, write what you like.

You can’t:

defame, use copyrighted work, use this purely for promotional purposes or to slag off your ex.


Please note that LAL Media is for equal rights, LGBTQIA+ friendly, the right for women to choose, and we believe Black Lives Matter. We will not be publishing any content that is contrary to this. 

Word Count

We don’t currently have a word limit, as long as it reads well.


The above said, please note after sending in, your work may be edited for clarity and conciseness, and to ensure it meets our LAL Media guidelines and brand manual. But don’t worry - you’ll always be sent a final version of your article to approve before it goes live to make sure you are happy!


Have a browse through our categories to have a feel for the kind of topics we cover. That said, this is not the be all and end all, so as long as you think your tone fits, give us a whirl! Find a way to talk about why wasps are super interesting (we dare you), the glories of STEM, a blog about a date gone wrong, your Top 5 summer reads, a quiz on wall colours or plants - we are always open to your ideas and new voices!


LAL Media is just getting started, and so is actually costing us money to run. At the moment, this means all content is created purely for us all to get published. Both our co-founders have done years of unpaid internships and publications, we know it’s annoying and shit.


Rest assured that if and when circumstances change, when we make money, you’ll make money. So, if you have a fun story or article you’d love to have viewed on multiple channels and platforms as a contributing writer, need a reference or you’re interested in just getting your name out there, we would love to help make that happen.


If you are submitting content that has been published elsewhere, please make us aware of this when sending in so we can attribute references appropriately. Please also note that once your content is live on the LAL site (after your approval), whilst authored to you, it becomes the property of LAL Media, meaning it may be edited, images/video changed, deleted or re-categorised in the future. 

Hot tip: If you’re wanting this for a folio, look to install ‘Full Page Screen Capture’ on Chrome to get a full image of your article. That way if it’s ever changed, moved or deleted, you have proof down the track that it was published to show your boss, grandkids, whatever! 


If you are featured in a story on LAL Media without your consent, please let us know at our email address below.


​Imagery including photos, GIFs, video and personal files must be appropriately cited when used in content with a hyperlink to where you obtained the content in the draft you send through.

I'm in! What's Next?

Ready to proceed? Yay for us! Steps:

-Send us your blog/story/novella to 

-We will aim to get back to you within three business days. 

-If we think it's a good fit, we will email back and forth a bit to workshop and make sure you are happy before it is to go live.

-You will be sent a preview of what your article will appear like on the site and be asked for your permission to publish with your name and content (or not, if you want to be anonymous! That’s cheeky. We dig it). 

-Voila! You’re a published writer! Someone should prob buy you dinner.

Anything Else?

Did we miss something you’re unsure of? No worries! Shoot us a message at the above email or on our socials and we will get back to you!


Happy writing!


The LAL Media Team

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