10 Rom Coms That Get Praise, But Actually Suck

I'm already prepping for the messages of hate to come flooding my way.

Step away from the bear, stalker. Source: elle.com

I was scrolling my Insta for the 100th time that hour when a quiz popped up. 'How much do you know about the greatest romance of all time, Sleepless in Seattle?' Um, what? You mean, a movie about a full-blown stalker getting obsessed with a man and his kid she heard on the radio one day? Hard pass. It got me thinking about some other totally overrated rom-coms that are the literal worst, despite 'rom-com' being my #1 genre. So, let's take a look. Do I make you mad? Is there one I forgot? Hey, at least getting you mad is a feeling you haven't had since being complacent on the couch the last 400 days.

*Warning: spoilers alert*

Sleepless in Seattle (1993)

Is someone going to call the authorities? Source: GiPHY

Look, I'll start with the positives. Nora Ephron + Meg Ryan + Tom Hanks should automatically = pure happiness. It's a fab title, and the scene on the Empire State is pretty iconic, I feel you. But like...let's look at the facts. Meg Ryan is a woman who legit gets OBSESSED with Tom Hanks after hearing him chat on a radio show. Oh btw she's engaged but who cares cos she HEARD HIS VOICE. After writing a letter to Tom asking to meet on Valentine's Day at the Empire State that her friend posts (wait, what?), she literally flies across the country to meet him, stalks Tom and his son and breaks up with her fiance over a vibe. Like...what? You are strangers! Call the police! Nexxxttt.