• Nicole Sherwin

Bad Manners

A comprehensive guide to follow if you're looking to be more despised than an anti-masker.

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This week we asked you in our Large Almond Latte Facebook group, What are the immediate signs of bad manners?

Since we live in a world full of unconscionable idiots that can’t follow an instruction so simple such as ‘stay the fuck inside,’ it’s no surprise you were all thrashing the keys with examples of bad manners. And look, it feels imperious and a bit uppity to create this list of uncivilised, Neanderthal behaviours, but I think I should acknowledge that we’re probably all guilty of one or two, I’ll just never admit which ones I’m guilty of.

I don’t think we’re asking that much. We’re not asking that deportment or social etiquette be included as a mandatory in the school curriculum, although Ladette to Lady was top quality reviewing if you remember that show, and now that I think about it it’s not the worst idea...but we’re just asking that when you’re in a social setting you display a set of polite and agreeable mannerisms. Basically, showing that you weren’t raised in the wild like Robin Williams on Jumanji. So if you’re sitting on a train with your legs wide open listening to this on the loudspeaker, while chewing on a dim sim with your mouth open, listen up. These is what you need to stop doing immediately, please.

Public Transport Etiquette

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