• Nicole Sherwin

Film Review: Can You Keep A Secret?

It's the treat you've been craving this lockdown season.

*Warning: Spoilers!*

From the opening credits, this film felt like a very strong brand alignment. ‘Our lips are sealed’ is playing over an animated montage. It stars:

  • Alexandra Daddario from the Baywatch movie, the one with the stunning blue eyes, whom I want to be best friends with. My permanent Top 5 babe Zac Efron gushes about her. My IRL boyfriend also pointed out way too quickly and in too much detail how she gets nude in True Detective Season 1, Episode 1.

  • Tyler Hoechlin, who is better known as Derek in Teen Wolf or for the real elders, Martin in 7th Heaven.

  • Superstar Laverne Cox, of Orange Is The New Black and amazing red carpet fame

It is based on the book by Sophie Kinsella, who also wrote Confessions of a Shopaholic. Yes, I am in for a real treat.

Source: Trailer Addict

Off the back of a disastrous sales pitch in Chicago, Emma, (Alexandra Daddario) gets lit before flying home to San Fran. Instead of getting a promotion she so desperately craves, (because if we know one thing about millennials is that we love recognition-like this post?), she thinks she’s probably going to get fired. The doll of a flight attendant takes pity on her and upgrades her to First Class. She’s a loose mess, but still wildly stunning. The plane gets super turbulent, like even the flight attendant is stressed so you know it’s bad. Thinking she’s going to die, she begins to spill all her life secrets out to the super-hot guy sitting next to her. She’s so lit she doesn’t even notice what a thirst trap he is, or that the plane lands and they’re all fine. She’s awkward and cute and because she’s a walking coat hanger is definitely getting away with this retro wardrobe that would look truly awf of 95% of people. I’m invested.