• Nicole Sherwin

Film Review: Footloose 2011

It's totally loose.

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After his mum dies, big city kid and former gymnast, Ren McCormick moves to the most cooked town in the US to live with his aunt and uncle in, Beaumont, Texas. Dancing is against the law if you’re under 18, you have to be home by 10 pm and you better not play that darn music too loud. Because dancing is a sin and church is life. If Texas is the bible belt, Beaumont is the buckle.

You will definitely not be surprised to know that Beaumont is based on an actual town in Texas with no separation between Church and state.

Just gonna pretend. you were in this babe. Source: GIPHY

I don’t know the actor who plays Ren, because he was the third choice. Zac Efron and Chase Crawford were both attached to the project before dropping out. So watching this movie is a bit like when you’re out for dinner and they’re out of steak and they’re out of parmas so you have to have your third choice which is like some dry overcooked salmon with packet vegetables. And it’s okay, but you know you should be eating something better.

Same person right? Source: The New Yorker & Behindthemoviesonline.net

Ren looks exactly like young Mikhail Baryshnikov. For those uncultured fans who don’t know Russian ballerinas – that’s Carrie’s Russian boyfriend from Sex and the