• Nicole Sherwin

Buying A Home - With Glen James From My Millennial Money (Show Notes)

Everything m3 co-host Glen James recommended on our pod.

The first home we're all definitely buying. Source: Amino Apps

This segment is from the podcast episode, 'Buying a House with Glen James from My Millennial Money.' Listen below where you get your pods:

My Millennial Money Podcast

Two years ago, it all started with a little podcast called 'My Millennial Money.' It's got practical and fun tips on managing your money.

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My Millennial Property Podcast

The m3 podcast hosted by John Pidgeon and Emily Wallace going "narrow and the deep into property."

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First Home Owners Grants

These differ in every state, so check out your state's offering:

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Envisage Property

Glen's m3 co-host John Pidgeon is a Property Coach. On our pod, Glen talks about the value of investing in a clarity call with John to get a third party review of your approach to home buying:

"Envisage Property is focussed on strategically actioned success f