• Jessica Taylor Yates

The Block Recap: Bathroom Reveals

If I'm paying over a million, there better be a jacuzzi.

The others must be feeling green... Source: Domain

Welcome to the weekly Block recap. Again, as some of you know, as the resident 'Work from Home (WFH) Judge', I get bored with so-called 'builders’ drama' (where is my screwdriver, I have a splinter, I mean, snooze) so we will start this recap from 7.30pm, and just go for the actual reveals...let’s hope they’re more entertaining than the Golden Chain motel reveals that was last week.


The judges are dancing again, specifically, Darren Palmer’s nipples are twitching. Do I need to let my dog know this is not PG13? Why does this keep happening? Are they semi-getting ready for an audition on Dancing With The Stars?

Let’s press on.

Harry and Tash - VIC (1920s)