• Jessica Taylor Yates

The Block Recaps: Upstairs Week

Every 90s kid knows that stairs = rich.

My $7 red wine is not gonna come outta that. Source: Houzz

*Spoilers ahead*

So, I didn't really understand this week. What did 'Upstairs' mean? Turns out, not even the contestants understood, with a mixed bag ranging from lounge rooms, offices and bedrooms to home cinemas and toilets. I’m your resident work-from-home (WFH) judge, here to talk about what we at home really think of the reveals from our but humble one-story homes. Let's go!

Seriously, who decided to capture the judges and make them wiggle?

All of us. Source: GiPHY

Harry and Tash (1920s)

Well, by now the eras are a distant memory, aren't they? Apply sometimes, when it suits the judges.

What we were hoping for:

So if I could get sponsored and get one of these free lights after giving them free advertising every week, that'd be great. Source: HGTV, Tinger Feng, Pinterest

What we got:

Upstairs Area

Tranquil? Yes.1920s? No. Source: 9now