The Murse: An In-Depth Investigation

Finally - the guys can carry all the shit.

Disclaimer: Now team, let me start by saying- wear whatever the fuck you want. Boys in a pink dress and nail polish with bangs, yass queen! The times, they are a changin', and we are along for the ride.


I think I first noticed just how uncool my fashion choices were compared to men in Harajuku, Japan some 8, 9 years ago. Not my Back to the Future top I wore on the Back to the Future Ride:

(that was obviously ballin')

but like...I could have been in my raddest outfit, and I wouldn't have come close to the least cool dude there. They were into unisex dressing and pushing the boundaries of male/female way before it was mainstream. Think dudes walking round in pink overalls, kimonos, and dare I say it -murses, or the male purse.

The murse had a bit of a hard run before it came back into the spotlight in the form of an over-the-shoulder bumbag in 2018.

Legend has it Scottish dudes needed satchels to put their shit in all the way back in the 1700s, as their skirts had no pockets (been there, bro). In the Middle Ages, there were pouches for carrying spices, coins and I dunno, apples people stole? (My research of this rests solely on the cartoon Aladdin). During the Renaissance, murses were a symbol of wealth, so obviously these were leather pouches - and these weren't just the hipsters.