The Top 10 Shows You Missed In 2019

Never fight over what to watch again.

Image: Pixel8OR

So, you're either stuck at home bored af, in a rel with nothing to talk about, or you've exhausted repeats of The Nanny and Seinfeld (I know my audience). That's cool. You've come to the right place. Built when I was an unemployed, avid tv watcher I utilised this time not to build new skills like Excel or Photoshop, but to build an extensive list of shows. Because I'm a giver. It's for YOU, the people. I'm the Patron Saint of TV, basically. So, if you're not sure what to watch, cruise the handy list below. Don't forget the Maltesers (please endorse me asap).

Note: Television shows are not affiliated with any advertisers, opinions are totally at the author’s discretion-which means not GoT or Chernobyl. Streaming is also correct as of publication in 2020 in Australia.

1. The End of The Fucking World (Netflix)

Part Pulp Fiction, Part Sex Education and Part Totally Fucking Weird, this British teen angst-come-good show is impossible to stop. And don't worry - consider the current climate, it isn't ACTUALLY about the world ending. We have real-life for that. With a current 93% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, this dark comedy/drama based on the comic book series by Charles Forsman follows two high school misfits James (Alex Lawther) and Alyssa (Jessica Barden) as they plan a getaway gone wrong. With top-notch acting, cinematography and wild soundtrack to boot, it wasn’t hard for this show to snatch the #1 spot for the year’s best television show.

Watch if you like: The Inbetweeners, Sex Education, Pulp Fiction