• Nicole Sherwin

The Totally Cooked Histories Behind Modern Wedding Traditions

Who doesn't love a wedding? Probably every woman married before 1900.

Today, marriage is a winery, loose speeches and a carefully curated release of shots on Instagram for five years post-marriage. But the very art of marriage is a cross-cultural practice thousands of years old, and much like most of human history, the meanings behind the traditions we know today are truly and deeply cooked. They are deeply rooted in institutionalised sexism and patriarchal dominance, where women were treated as perishable goods, much like a loaf of bread (that produces children). You pay more for a good loaf, but when it’s stale, it’s done. But as well as being misogynists, our ancestors were also crazy superstitious, violent pervs. Let's check it out.

But first, a PSA.

LAL is definitely about staying light and there’s enough heavy drama in the world right now to justify this. but I think it’s also important to recognise that sometimes topics aren’t always so simple and surface level as we cover them, and it’s important not play the ignorant or obnoxious card. So, before we get into this, I want to acknowledge that the ability to make light of these traditions comes from a place of privilege and freedom to reject them. The concept of a marriage of love and choice is still a relatively recent concept and we should stay cognisant of the fact that even in the developed world are still forced int