• Nicole Sherwin

TV Review: Selling Sunset

The only workplace in the world where it's a disadvantage to be a white male.

Source: Techno Info Plus

Selling Sunset is exactly what I need in my life right now. It gives my brain a nap and it’s the only show that inspires me to go to the gym, do my hair, put makeup on and go to work and hustle hard. Of course I don’t, but it makes me want to.

Brought to you Adam Divello, the man behind the most influential show in my life ever, Laguna Beach, Selling Sunset follows the real estate agents working at The Oppenheim Group, a real estate brokerage in LA. Which means the agents are all unbelievably glamourous, beautiful and cashed up. Obviously, if they weren’t, it would just be House Hunters. It’s probably the only workplace that actually discriminates against middle-aged white males. Like, you could be the best real estate agent on the West Coast, but unless you’re a stunning 30-something woman you cannot work there, at least not on camera. This is basically the real estate version of Real Housewives, but the women are 10 years younger.

Rich. Source: People

Living in Melbourne where the average house price is x17 higher than the annual wage, I love that whilst their lives are so aspirational and they clearly have so much cash money, they sell a flush $3m house in the Hollywood Hills with a pool house, 12 car garage and 5 bedrooms to one of their celeb clients like Karamo from Queer Eye and think it’s it’s soooo spenny. I get so smug, like ‘Please, three million gets you a one-bedroom studio apartment in Melbourne or Sydney'. As if just because I live in Melbourne I could afford a luxury house in Hollywood. Obvi I couldn’t, but I know a lot of Boomers that could. But then they go and sell this unbelievable house at the top of the Hollywood Hills for