• Nicole Sherwin

Step Brothers Isn't Funny

Turns out you don't like Seinfeld or burgers.

Shocking movie. Source: Rolling Stone.

This week in the Facebook group, 'Large Almond Latte', we asked the question: What are your unpopular opinions?

I don't have a lot of unpopular opinions. I'm a basic bitch, pretty generic. But I do have one.. and it's VERY unpopular: Beyonce is OVERRATED! Kthanksbai, need to take the heat off of me, so here are your unpopular opinions.

Questionable fash choices.

High five, they're here to stay. Source: GIPHY

Fan Mark thinks high-waisted paints are terrible and the only people who like them are the people who own them. Sorry, I like pants that cover my ass crack, Mark. I also like pants that hold in my muffin top and the Santa sack of a belly my baby left where my abs should be. The alternative is crack, muffins and sack all hanging out like an overflowing bath. The early noughties when low rise were 'in' were some of the most challenging years of my life. So yeah, high waisted paints are here to stay.

Dirty Dancing Sucks

I do. Source: GIPHY

Next up: Dirty Dancing is shit. Well fan Jess, I agree, it’s a very boring movie. It’s not a coincidence it spawned a shit reality show and a shit remake. They never had hope, because the OG was so awf to begin with. If I’m going to watch a movie made before I was born about a bad boy and a nice girl from different worlds that come together through dancing, I’m obviously going to watch Grease, probably even Grease 2 before I watch Dirty Dancing. Nobody puts baby in a corner, okay, but I am gonna put you in the bin.