Budget Wedding Hacks

For the bougie bride who doesn't have the cash to match.

Image: Warner Bros. Pictures

There's no doubt about it - weddings are one of the most expensive things a couple can do without renovating a bathroom during their mid-life crisis. It's hard when you have to reconcile your bougie dreams with your real-life budget. Slowly, you start finding out that everything from the wedding you'd imagined - doves, flash mobs, fireworks- actually cost more than a small country. Who knew?

After spending the last year planning my own wedding (read about the proposal here), I have consistently seen couples wonder how on Earth they are meant to afford a party for 100 people, only 7% of whom they actually like. I learnt a few tips and tricks along the way, so if you're still wanting a big beautiful wedding but you need to cut some corners, take a look at my Budget Wedding Hacks to still give you the bougie wedding of your dreams:

Way to shed those wedding $$$:

Reconsider your need for flowers

Listen, I froth me some flora and fauna. I've been to Tulip Fest every year of my life, I would've decked the place in head to toe frangipani if I could. But realistically for us, unfortunately, flowers just weren't in the budget. Whilst beautiful, centrepieces and bouquets are somewhat forgettable, and you can make the place look just as good with a range of candles, lights, and fun centrepieces; whilst for your bouquet, you could go fake, your local florist, or look at holding something different - greenery, lanterns, puppies, balloons, your washing - anything at all! You could even make it something unique to your wedding - for example do you both love Harry Potter? Why doesn't everyone hold a figurine or Hogwarts toy? Ours was movie-themed - I wanted everyone to hold Oscars, but this was denied by the Academy.