• Jessica Taylor Yates

“Why Didn’t You Just Save It?”

Omg I just lost everything! - How to never say this again.

NO! Go back! GO BACK!!! Source: Dave's Computer Tips

We've all been there. Sayed up late writing an essay, cover letter (or in my case, a Strongly Worded Note), only for your computer to suddenly freeze like a teenager caught watching porn. NO! You shout. NO NO NO! This can't be happening! But it is. The little dancing circle appears, that smug little fucking circle going round and round until you have no choice but to restart - everything is deleted.

Just cos you have nice colours doesn't mean I don't curse the day you were born. Source: Business Insider

The only thing is - it's 2020. Whilst it's been the end of the world in MANY respects, losing your online shit shouldn't be one of them. Are you still writing notes by ink and quill? Saving to your computer or hard drive is so 2007. Grow up. Here's how to make sure you never lose your shit again.

Stop saving to your computer

Gen Z, you may need to Wikipedia this image. Source: GiPHY

Both Nikki and I had the unfortunate displeasure of saying goodbye to our MacBooks this month. Both of us were also dipshits who saved everything to said Macbooks, so for me, goodbye 100+ cover letters, CVs, and old photos, and for Nik, she thought she lost a lot of good podcast content.

This time around, it's all going to the Cloud, baby. There's simply no need to save to a single device anymore. Saving your work on Cloud storage like Google Drive, iCloud or Dropbox means that your content is available on your computer, your phone, your mum's place, on a hostel computer in Guatemala. And before you get all 'But my privacy, the Cloud!'- get a grip. If you have social media, you already have a digital footprint that Interpol could access in 0.2 seconds. What are they gonna steal, the cat memes you screenshotted? Deal with it and move on with your life.