Some Of The Most Feel Good Stories Ever

Cos if I read any more about the horrors of this year I'm gonna go round the twist.

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Recently, as I lurked away on Facebook, I read a post suggesting Channel 7 just tark it and broadcast the Sydney 2000 Olympics again. Like seriously fuck it, we need something good to watch that unites us - so what if our best days are 20 years behind us? We'll still race Cathy Freeman down at Scienceworks any day of the week, she's an Aussie ledg! Memories of the time make us happy. So with all the bloody doom and gloom, I've collected some of the most feel good big news stories of all time to make your heart smile.

Cathy Freeman's win (2000)

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is there anything besides a sausage at Bunnings that makes Aussies feel more patriotic than watching Cathy Freeman run to victory in the women's 400m at the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games? The world's eyes were on her as she led us to glory, and she finished it off by sashaying into the closing ceremony by (controversially, at the time anyway, which is so ridiculous) holding both the Australian and Indigenous national flags. Ygg!