TV Review: Omg...Could I Go Full Betty Broderick?

It was scarily more relatable than you'd think.

Poor Betty. Oh wait. I'm not supposed to think that...Source: Heaven of Horror

*Spoilers ahead*

Omg. Has anyone watched the new series of Dirty John 2: The Betty Broderick Story? Guys. I am deeply affected. It's shaken me two days later. I can't sleep. My heart pounds. Everything is different now. Me, my husband, our relationship. No-one is above suspicion. NO-ONE!

All I really knew about this true crime series turned Netflix drama was that Betty Broderick shot her ex-husband and his new wife dead in the 80s. But omg...the showwww. Like, as I was watching, all I could think was not what a nut, but omg...could I go full Betty Broderick?

Let me explain. The story goes back and forth from the past to their present. It starts in the 80s with Betty Broderick (played brilliantly by Amanda Peet) who appears as a slightly unhinged woman who is utterly obsessed with her ex-husband Dan Broderick (Christian Slater) - she refuses to go to court for divorce hearings, she has lost access to her kids, she's convinced they will get back together, she keeps calling him in the middle of the night, leaving crazed voicemails and showing up at his house unannounced, and her own children are afraid of her. She literally drives into his house and her concerned husband calls police, and as a doctor, recommends she get treatment in a hospital instead of jail. Here is where we find out that she actually killed Dan, and through a series of flashbacks, we see how this came to be.

This is where shit changes, and why two days later I keep sending my husband shift glances every time he smiles or waves at me. Jerk.

We see through flashback how they met at uni in the 1960s- a young and beautiful Betty with an over-eager to please Dan during college. Their love unfolding with sparks in their eyes, intimacy and fun banter aplenty. He's desperate to marry her, bu