Yo, Where The Next Season At?

Have you started a show only to be left with a lingering cliffhanger? We're all stuck home and so TV crews, you're totes essential workers! There's a bunch of shows where I've been waiting patiently. Not anymore. I want to know - where the next season at?

Master of None

What, making a Season 3? THEN DO IT.

Guys, what happened? I watched S1 and S2 when they came out, knew I liked them but kinda forgot them if you know what I mean, and now my husband and I re-enjoyed it all again. I'm devo it's over. Where's S3 at? I know he had a mini scandal but he's brushed through it, so like...do I still get to dance around to his mad soundtracks wishing I was eating the pasta Aziz Anzari was eating, or not? LET US KNOW.


Joshhh, where for art thou?

Who isn't in love with Josh from Younger? Folks, it has been a Josh-less 2020, and I for one am sick of it. We left Season 6 with *spoiler* Liza yet again choosing between Charles and Josh (I mean, Josh is super hot, but also just had a baby with a stray when Charles gave up literally his whole company and life for your assistant job, but whatever...) The point is, even though the last season was a little tired, we want to know when we are getting Season 7. Who does Liza choose? What's happened with Kelsey? What fabulous necklace has Diana chosen to wear? WE MUST KNOW.