• Nicole Sherwin

It's Totally Worth It

We will not hesitate to use the 'Splurge' account for these luxurious items.

Number of acceptable indoor plants and cushions? The limit does not exist. Source: Bunnings

This week we asked you in the Large Almond Latte Facebook Group, "What's totally worth money?"

When it comes to purchases, you know I’m all about the frugal life. If I’m online shopping, I’ve got like five different emails so I can get those sign up discount codes, there are shops you know always have 20% off so I’ll never buy full price and it’s always preferable to shop with the Shopback app. We've talked about how to save before, and what makes you look rich AF. But some products just know their worth and will NEVER have promotions or sales. So arrogant, but they know they don’t have to because they are quality and we will pay full price - over priced full price even! - Every. Single. Time.

Remember how my very first episode was signs of the 1/3 life crisis? (If you don’t obviously go back and listen, it’s a good one.) Well fans, we could add all of these to that list. From asking you in our Facebook Group this week – ‘What’s totally worth the money?’ it’s clear that we’re not spending our money on Contiki tours anymore, we spend our money on things that make us fucking old (and refined), but old.